I Swore I’d Never: Bass Shoes

Bass Booties

Like a madeleine dipped into Proust’s cup of tea, Bass kicks take me way back to outlet shopping in Secaucus with my mother. This was back in the day, when outlet shopping meant digging through cardboard boxes and looking through rows of discontinued models to find something in the right size. Bass was one of our stops – good, solid shoes for us kids and a pair of loafers for my dad. These memories came rushing back to me the other day when I was killing time window shopping in Williamsburg. I saw a classic pair of Bass booties in the window at the Shoe Market and was shocked to be smitten.

Bass flatsSo it turns out that Bass is not only for shiny loafers (as much as they’re back in style now anyway). They’re smoking loafers, booties, and of course, saddle shoes – and now they’ve even launched a capsule collection styled by Rachel Antonoff. If you’re the type to pull off adorable, bow-decked accessories, you should take a peek. I’m partial to the clear/sparkly saddle shoes.

But here’s the best part: the most expensive shoes I saw on the site were $149. I urge you to visit their site, and give Bass a second chance.