The New Yorker + Questlove + D’Angelo + Kehinde Wiley = Awesome

I’ve spent WAY too much time in my life time wondering how Questlove seems to be everywhere at once. He’s on TV five nights a week, he’s DJing in my ‘hood somewhat frequently, I recently saw him spinning at PS1 in an event that also involved James Franco (Spring Breakers, WHAAAAT!), AND he’s in the middle of making the 13th Roots record that I will own. I have a crystal clear memory of going to the record store in 1995 to buy their second album the day it came out. It’s amazing to think about the fact that the Roots have been a staple of my musical life for nearly seventeen years! The answer to my original question, as I learned in the recent article in the New Yorker, is that Questlove basically doesn’t sleep. And that is the point of this post: read the Questlove profile in the New Yorker if you’re in the mood for a magical, inspirational story. If Questlove pulls off his current goal, which is resurrecting D’Angelo’s career from the drug-addled, DUI-ridden ditch it’s been in for the last ten years, it will truly be a gift to the world. Also, Kehinde Wiley 4-eva.