Rodarte Wrap Tease

Rodarte Wrapping Paper

It’s the holiday season, and we’re all scrambling around for gifts for our friends, family, coworkers, what have you. So much thought and energy goes into the gift, that the wrapping paper is just an afterthought… for most people at least. I try to do something different with my wrapping every year, but I usually end up with brown kraft paper and simple white tags. It’s nice for a while, but you can only get away with it for so long. This year I’m going fashion. Or maybe I just want to make PA Melissa’s day: space-themed wrapping paper by Rodarte. The Neiman Marcus/Target collaboration has produced some wallet friendly gems, but this takes the cake. Matte, black paper with a simple white print of the moon – simple, classy, moody.

You can judge for yourself at Target, it goes for $7.99/sheet. Steep for paper, but worth it if you know someone who a)loves space, b)loves Rodarte, or c)hates christmas sparkles.