Non-Edibles: Fredericks & Mae Wings

Wing - Fredericks & Mae

The art/design team of Fredericks & Mae have perfected a craft that I thought Steven Brahms (my husband) had recently invented. Steve’s been working on some homemade lures for a photo project, and one day opened a lovely little box to show me a butterfly wing that he had just built using pieces of different boxed lepidoptera. It was beautiful, not quite what I expected when he prefaced it with “check out my new lures.” Today, I discovered the Fredericks & Mae wing, specimens made from naturally molted feathers that have been recreated into lovely miniature bird wings. Their beautiful iridescent colors would look gorgeous pinned on a black blazer – or pinned in a shadow box hanging on your wall.

They’re each 5″ long and 2.5″ wide, and come with or without a pin attached. You can get yourself this tiny work of art for $90 at Magpie & Rye.