Come for the Mandoo, Stay for the Hoddeok

I mean, let’s be real though, I have never not come for the hoddeok. Here’s WTF I’m talking about: Daheen Wang Mandoo is a Korean dumpling (aka mandoo) chain that not too long ago opened an American outpost in Flushing. The mandoo are CRAZY – giant, fluffy, peppery pillows of meaty deliciousness which as of really recently also include exotic flavors like pizza and galbi!

The real star of the show for me is the hoddeok though – a sweet, rice pancake filled with a sweet concoction of cinnamon/peanut/sugar goodness. Yes, you can buy them frozen or buy the mix to make from semi-scratch, but nothing is better than a fresh one straight off the grill!

Stop by Daheen Wang Mandoo for seriously every meal and sweet treat of the day.