Kunstlerschutz Animal Buddies


Boi kunstlerschutz

There are times in human history that you would just prefer to ignore. Once upon a time, there was this thing called the Beanie Baby. Miniature animal-shaped bean bags that were the unfortunate rage that consumed an entire nation. I think I owned one, at some point – but in my defense it was a gift. And yes, maybe I still own it. Beanie Babies aside, collections can be a good thing, if done right. There’s also nothing wrong with taking inspiration from the stuffed animal trend, especially if it predates the Beanies.


So here’s my suggestion. If you’re looking for a good collection, check out the Kunstlerschutz. Tiny stuffed zoo beasts made by Wagner Handwork. The company was started in the 1940s by Fritz Wagner in Rodental, Germany. They sadly closed in 1998, but they’re still out there, peeking their miniature heads on etsy stores and ebay sites for your purchasing pleasure.

If you hate collections, you should still check these buddies out. I may not collect them, but I wouldn’t mind putting one or three on my office desk – paper writing helpers? Yes, let’s call them that.  The Ismoyo Etsy shop has a nice set for sale for $38.50. The Kunstlerschutz blog has a brief but solid history of the company if you’d like to learn more.