Gettin Busy: Business Card Holders That Aren’t Ugly

Clockwise from top left: Alicia Klein /  Kilofly, $10.50 / Russell+Haze, $28 / Uniquely Artful, $8  / Campo Marzio, $21 /  Roztayger, $28

I don’t know how many times someone has asked me for my business card (read: I have forced a business card on a stranger) and instead of having a clean, crisp, beautiful card ready, I have a crusty, dented card fished out of the depths of my purse.  No longer though!  I am ready to look like a classy business dame with one of the above card cases.  Once people see how together I am surely they will not be able to contain themselves and will insist upon throwing money at me, right?  Jk.  Best case scenario, I will just have a stack of clean cards to give people.  Start small, right?