The Transport Tote – Madewell Strikes Again

Madewell Transport Tote

Most would disagree with me when I say you can’t have enough totes, to which I would respond: OK, I see your point. The shopping bag filled with old free totes sitting in my kitchen pantry would serve to prove your point. But what if it’s THE tote that you’ve been waiting for.  You know, that tote that you didn’t even realize you’ve actually been dreaming of owning:  soft worn leather, fits just about everything you own, and has your grandmother’s initials pressed into it in gold leaf.

Tada! Madewell strikes again my friends. I dare you not to covet it. The best part is the customized personalization. You can opt for initials in either a gold foil or a blind imprint stamp, bringing that L.L. Bean standard to modern times. It’s relatively reasonably priced, at $168 a pop, plus $10 if you choose to emboss the leather (which, clearly, is worth it).

You can see it for yourself online at the Madewell site.  The basic transport totes start at $168.