Get Your Crepe On at Pates et Traditions

This adorable little French restaurant is located just a couple of blocks from my apartment, and it really is one of the yummiest spots in all of Williamsburg. Even though there are so many fantastic brunch spots in the neighborhood, it’s sort of hard for me NOT to want to go to Pâtés et Traditions. I mean, their savory crepes are made with organic buckwheat flour and then filled with the most fresh and delicious combinations of fillings like the Sultan (chicken, bacon, cumin, cream, swiss, onions, garlic, mint) and the Bergere (goat cheese, swiss, figs, honey, caramelized onions, rosemary). The pâté plate, sweet crepes, and egg dishes are all great, but it’s really all about the savory crepes. As you can tell by the picture, it’s definitely not your typical cooler-than-thou Williamsburg brunch scene. The service is always lovely (rare for this ‘hood), and it’s slightly-off-the-beaten path location keeps the Bedford Avenue crowds away – though there is often a bit wait on the weekends. It’s SO worth it. Yummiest brunch (and sometimes dinner) ever.

Pâtés et Traditions is at 52 Havemeyer between N. 5th and N. 6th. (warning! silly, cheery French music plays on the site!)

Image via roboppy‘s flickr