The Banger Report: Vol. 9, Forgotten Ladies of ’90s R&B

This edition of The Banger Report was inspired by this Jessie Ware track/video, in which she covers the 1994 Brownstone song “If You Love Me.” Jessie’s version is awesome and the video, gorgeous, but when I let my (younger) coworker know that this was a cover, he had no idea and after listening to the O.G., said he liked the original better! Judge for yourself!

Jessie Ware’s cover of “If You Love Me:”

Brownstone’s original:

The other thing I LOVE about ’90s R&B (and frankly most music that came out pre-millenium) is that you didn’t have to look like a Bratz doll to be a pop singer! You could look like a regular, grown-ass woman and turn it out with your sassiness and incredible voice. This is not to say that these ladies aren’t hott – they are! – but they’re also clothed and look like adults. This brings me to banger #2 “Understanding” by Xscape from 1993! REMEMBER XSCAPE?? This is SUCH a great song and this group takes it over the top with the passion in their performance. Also, please note the insane number of layers these ladies are rocking in this video.

Banger #3 is a little more sexified than the others and it’s from Jade circa 1992. The video for “Don’t Walk Away” heavily influenced my fashion choices in that era – I totally wore short-shorts with combat boots and plenty of giant flannels with tank tops. My friends and I also had this way we’d walk down the stairs we called the “Jade Walk” which I thought was from this video, but apparently we just made it up to the tune of this song. I wish I could demonstrate it via the internet. But, you’ll just have to settle for the actual video:

Obvs, these are only 3 of MANY amazing ’90s R&B ladies. Who’s your fave – SWV, En Vogue, TLC, ??