The Songs That Sweetly Torture Us

Everyone knows the special torture that is having a song stuck in your head. Depending on the song this annoyance can range from mild (“Beez in the Trap“) to crippling (“Everything’s OK-o When I’m with Tadeo“). Luckily for the PA fam, right now we have some pretty decent songs bouncing around in our subconscious. Behold!

Melissa’s stuck on “Sable on Blond” by Stevie Nicks”

“With lyrics such as ‘In silence she says, “Excalibur”,’ I think it’s safe to say that this song, like many of Stevie’s, verges on corny at best.  But I can’t help it, she’s also timeless!  I keep finding new songs of hers and Fleetwood Mac’s that I love, and this is just another example of the hold La Nicks holds on my heart”

Tammy’s stuck on “Sympathique” by Pink Martini:

“Pink Martini’s version of ‘Sympathique’ which was originally made famous by the incomparable Edith Piaf is stuck in my head.  I’m using this song in my French class to teach my students some new vocab, but really because I love it.  It makes me want to dance.”

Hillary’s stuck on “Gee” by Girls’ Generation:

“The song that’s been stuck in my head for some reason recently is the song ‘Gee’ by Girls’ Generation.  I have no idea why because it’s not new or anything, but I will say that it was so deeply stuck in my head that I recently had an extremely vivid dream that the opener for one of Jay-Z’s recent Brooklyn shows featured a fictional group of about 15 people that looked like a Brooklyn hipster version of the people in the ‘It’s a Small World’ ride at Disneyland …who closed their set with an a cappella version of “Gee.”  My sleeping mind is clearly a very odd place.  (Maybe the connection between Girls’ Generation and Jay-Z is that they both have songs that prominently feature the lyrics “run this town”?).”

Nicole’s stuck on “Motivation” by Kelly Rowland:

“Like Hillary, I don’t really know why this song has been stuck in my head since it’s a pop song that isn’t new. I might be able to attribute it to the fact that I recently discovered it on a karaoke spot’s song list and thought that it would be a dope future karaoke jam. I also like to see Kelly out there gettin’ hers! This song and video are both kind of delightfully filthy, with plenty of eye and ear candy for ladies and gents of any sexual persuasion. If you hear someone on the street belting out ‘I just wanna feel your haaands alll over me babaaaayyyy’ it’s probably me! Say hi if you’re not totally creeped out.”

What songs are stuck in your heads? WE WANT TO KNOW!