Do the Right Thing. VOTE.

I’ve been saving up all of these election-related goodies and damn – now’s the time to unleash them all on you! Go vote today, my friends! Here are some bits of voting inspirado from the moving to the silly. ENJOY!

Badass: Jay-Z performing “99 Problems (But Mitt Ain’t One)” at an Obama rally:

Adorable: Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown working it out to HOV’s “On to the Next One”

Lulz-y: Chris Rock with a message for white voters:

Silly: Will Ferrell will do anything to get you to vote:

Sassy: Lena Dunham on her first time:

Tear-inducing: LGBT voters + this election:

Inspiring: Jay-Z on why everyone should vote:

Fierce: Tina Fey on WTF is wrong with politicians and their rape “facts”:

Awwwww Shit! J. Smooth + Obama + The Clipse:


And don’t forget these amazing videos we posted earlier:

You Don’t Own Me!

Draw the Line!


Now for a little Q&A:

Not sure where the eff to vote?

What the eff has Obama done for me lately?

Got some dumb reason not to vote?

Yes, those are all real links and you should click on them. And hey New Yorkers affected by Sandy: Andrew Cuomo hooked you up! You can now vote at ANY polling place within NYC.