Comic Relief: Eddie Murphy’s Raw

While my boyfriend and I were shored up in his apartment in Williamsburg waiting out the storm, we lost cable (POOR US) and decided to pop in a DVD. We turned on Eddie Murphy’s raw and I mean, duh…Eddie Murphy was super funny back in the day. What I didn’t realize was he also acted like a total rock star, and the beginning of the video consists of Murphy getting out of a now delightfully dated limo and walking around like a boss in a full body leather snake skin purple and black outfit. It is truly glorious.

One part that literally had me crying with laughter though was Eddie describing his attempts at stand up as a child. “What does that chunk want?!” keeps running through my head and giving me lulz, which is exactly what a current New Yorker/for life Jersey girl such as me needs right now. Check out the above clip, then watch the rest on Netflix on Demand. Enjoy!