Helps Connect Neighbors With Other Neighbors In Need!

So It’s going to be a while until the city gets back to normal with all this water, water, everywhere. The crazy thing is how differently people in the region experienced the storm, depending on where they were. For example, where we are in Williamsburg didn’t experience much flooding or any power loss, but not far away there was serious flooding in Red Hook and Lower Manhattan. The good news is that there are plenty of people who were unaffected by the storm who are able to help those who are in need. The website allows people to connect directly with others, connecting volunteers with those who might be slightly outside of the official government relief efforts, or who need help ASAP. So far Red Hook, Lower East Side, Staten Island, and Astoria have efforts organized by a faction of OWS.  I signed up with them today and hope to get involved (or at the very least make a donation since work is beckoning me back sooner than I had expected). WNYC also has a page up with a variety of ways to get involved. Check or #SandyVolunteer on Twitter for ways to get involved!