So It Turns Out That Bloomberg’s Other Sign Language Interpreter Is Also Awesome

Lydia Callas will always be our first love, but at today’s mayoral press conference, sign language interpreter Pamela Mitchell upped her game. She was more expressive than when we saw her earlier this week, and I have to say that I was mesmerized by her long fingers and totally sweet manicure. It’s hard not to compare her to Lydia, whose fanbase across the internet is growing because she is clearly a pretty amazing person (according to this piece of reporting from Us Weekly). But, I had enough fun watching Pamela today that I wanted to give her a shout out – I mean, look at her give Bloomberg the stink face! Hilarious.

Watch the full press conference here to be mesmerized by Pamela’s fancy hands. Oh, and also to be updated about what’s happening in this fair city as it recovers from Sandy.