Rep Your Team to the Max with Zubaz!

While being a Buffalo Bills fan may be the most painful thing in the sports world, repping my love for the team via the fierceness that is Zubaz makes it all somehow worthwhile. WTF are Zubaz? Well, they’re baggy-yet-tapered, wildly patterned pants invented in the late ’80s, but made popular in the early ’90s. Basically, when you’re ready to get real about your favorite football team, here’s what you do.

1. Buy Zubaz pants. If your team’s webstore doesn’t sell them (WTF?), you can probably find the color equivalent on Zubaz’s website. Bills fans, your team webstore DOES sell them, duh.

2. Buy a Zubaz hat! This little piece of heaven can be worn with any damn thang. For real, everyone knows the Bills have the BEST team gear. Real talk: your team may not be awesome enough to have a Zubaz hat all its own.


3. If you are really really really really really real, get yourself a Zubaz manicure! The amazing Ria Nailz did mine (pictured below). For real, Ria can do anything to your nails, but does it really get better than perfectly painted Bills Zubaz?

There you have it! If you call yourself a sports fan, I’m not sure I believe you if you don’t own at least one piece of animal-print team gear. And no, there are no excuses in a world that contains eBay.