Hooray for Ovenly!

I first fell in love with Ovenly when their delicious wares were sold at Veronica People’s Club, my old Greenpoint coffee jumpoff (RIP). On treat-yo-self days, I’d pick up one of their delicious apricot-thyme or current-rosemary scones and for real, they were the best scones I’d ever had. When VPC closed, I was sad for many reasons including 1. there was nowhere super close to my office that I liked to get coffee and 2. there were no quick breakfasts to be picked up on my way into work that even compared to Ovenly’s.

My sadness turned to happiness this year when Ovenly opened a bakery and storefront just down the block from my Greenpoint office! They have delicious and super strong Stumptown iced coffee and of course, all of their amazing baked goods with added bonus items like hard-boiled eggs, quiche and fruit. I usually go several times a week for coffee (and sometimes a sweet treat) and to prove it, I am the current Foursquare mayor. Boo-yah! My only qualm is that the iced coffee is too expensive at $4, but it’s so strong and delicious that I’m kinda sorta OK with it.

If you’re in Greenpoint and need a pick-me-up, Ovenly’s your spot – go visit them on Greenpoint Ave. and West St. – right near Transmitter Park.