Netflix Fix: Five Great Documentaries to Watch Instantly

Now that it’s getting chillier and darker out, it’s time to dust off the old Netflix subscription! I hadn’t used mine in months and when I revisited it last weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of great new instant titles…particularly documentaries. Here are five that I definitely recommend!

1. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

It’s not only sushi porn (though it really, REALLY is), it’s also a heartwarming/breaking story of a master chef and his life and legacy. But for real, wait until you see each piece of fish delicately settle onto the rice. You’ll be in immediate need of sushi…and your neighborhood takeout joint won’t do.

2. Bill Cunningham New York

Infinitely individual, Bill Cunningham is a New York City legend who has been photographing the fashion of its residents for decades. His story and personality are both so interesting and endearing that it’s impossible not to fall in love with him by the end of the film.

3. Paris Is Burning

Apparently, I love having my heart broken via documentary, because this is another one that left me in tears. This look at the NYC drag scene of the ’80s is a definite emotional rollercoaster with the highs of the amazing balls and the lows of some of the more personal aspects of the queens’ lives. So good.

4. Waiting for Superman

This film actually left me questioning all of my ideas of right and wrong. It focuses on the public education system in America and why it often fails…and also how it could possibly succeed. The stories of the individual families and kids who are being let down by the system…yeah, you guessed it. Tears.

5. Dogs Decoded

There are SO many documentaries that make me ridiculously sad or angry, but I had to finish the list with something a little lighter! This was recommended to me by a friend after I got a dog and I was amazed at all of the crazy scientific facts I learned regarding the relationship between people and dogs…even if the main gist is that dogs are really just adorable parasites that use us for food. So worth watching even if you just kind of like dogs.

I love a good documentary, so if you have any more suggestions, leave them in the comments! xo