Fable: The Journey’s US Release Today!

I LOVE the Fable series…it’s easily the number one reason I have an XBox instead of a Playstation.  That’s why the previous Fable release from Lionhead Studios, Fable III, was kind of a let down.  I played for days and when the final credits rolled all too soon I yelled at the screen “That’s it?!”

Here’s hoping that the newest installment, Fable: The Journey, lives up to our collective expectations.  One sad thing is that it’s for Kinect only, so if you don’t have the hands free attachment for your Xbox (I sold mine a few months back) then you’re SOL.  I also worry about “casting spells” with my hands, controller free.  Playing a fantasy game is already pretty dorky, why do they have to make it straight out embarrassing as well?  Either way, I know I won’t be able to resist, and will find myself at my bud’s place waving my arms around like the geek I am and using the voice commands to control my character’s horse.

Fable: The Journey hits US stores today!