New Fave Podcast: Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade Illustration by Frankie Tofteland

A friend recently turned me and Dan on to the podcast Throwing Shade. It’s self-described as “A weekly rehashing of ‘sues – gay rights, women’s issues, pop culture & politics – with your hosts Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi. Can you handle it?”

VERDICT: It’s funny! You should listen to it! It gives me many real LULZ every episode. Erin and Bryan talk about important lady/gay issues, make fun of each other in a mean friend way, throw SERIOUS shade at all the stupid politicians who make the dumb decisions that make the world horrible, and also just make up ridiculous and ridiculously entertaining stories. They also both write for FunnyOrDie and do tons of other funny stuff. They’ll be doing some live shows in the city at some point soon (late October/early November). They’re not sure where the shows will be, but they’re coming. Until then, catch the podcast, y’all!

*I got this illustration from Throwing Shade’s facebook page and it’s by a guy named Frankie Tofteland.  They post lots of fan art on their facebook page and it’s awesome.