The Banger Report Vol. 8

Some realllllly good records have come out in the second half of 2012 and this installment of The Banger Report pays tribute to some of my favorites. Banger #1 is from the all-around excellent new Dirty Projectors record Swing Lo Magellan. The entire thing is awesome and worth having, but “About to Die” is one of the best of the pack. Once again, this group manages to do crazy things with melody, harmony and rhythm, but still end up with a super catchy pop song. Voila, the new video for “About to Die,” featuring footage from their full-length film “Hi Custodian.”

Banger the second is from an artist I’ve never really managed to connect with. Sure, I always liked Cat Power, but nothing ever crossed into LOVE before. Luckily for me, my good friend in banger-love, Allison, suggested that I listen to “Cherokee” and when I did, I finally and totally fell in love. It may not sound like a banger at first, but let it play, trust me. When the bird call comes in about 2/3 of the way through – chillllllllllz. And as an added bonus, the video features crystals, a French Bulldog and Cat Power herself as a bad ass desert zombie hunter.

The final banger comes from British songstress Lianna La Havas. “Forget” may sound like a mild-mannered track at first, but once the chorus hits and you hear her voice belting the word “forget” like her vocal chords are a brass orchestra, you’ll be in luv. Also: so sassy and SO lovable. Behold: