The Pets of Adopt NY Come to McCarren Park This Sunday!

Adopt NY – one of the coolest groups helping animals in NYC – is holding its second ever adoption event this Sunday in McCarren Park! A fairly new organization, Adopt NY is made up of a network of rescue groups who save dogs and cats from being euthanized at NYC’s Animal Care and Control shelters.

It’s crazy/horrifying/sad the number of innocent and healthy animals that aren’t given a chance at life, simply because there aren’t enough resources. My (extremely adorable and loveable) dog came from Animal Care and Control and the thought that he could have been put down for no good reason makes me so sad.  If you’re considering getting a pet, I deeply implore you to check out adoption alternatives first! There are sooooooo many great dogs and cats out there waiting for someone like you to just give them a chance. Trust me, I browse adoptable buddies on the reg.

Before I get too Sarah McLachlan on your asses, here are the details on the event!


Even if you aren’t quite ready for a pet, you can still go and meet a bunch of cute cats and dogs! There will also be raffle tickets for sale to benefit Adopt NY. AND, even if you can’t make the event, you can buy raffle tickets online. And if you too want to browse adoptable buddies on the reg, check them out here at Adopt NY!