Feast Your Eyes on RGIII

This is the adorable quarterback Robert Griffin III on NFL Draft Day where he was the 2nd overall pick.  His super dapper suiting choices must be noted, especially in an industry where people consistently abuse the notion of what the word “suit” means.  In addition to being incredibly well-dressed, he appears to be the happiest man on earth– a google image search returns mostly pictures of him smiling like he just won the lottery (which I guess he sort of did).  He’s also super studious!  He graduated early from high school and college, kept up a super high GPA, and is already in the process of pursuing a Master’s degree in communication.  Also on draft day he wore fancy socks made for him by Adidas which read “Go Catch Your Dream” so…. he must be a secret Twilight fan?  Go Catch Your Dream –> Dream Catcher –> Wolf Pack –> Jacob –> Bella Swan –> Twilight!  (Wow, I even surprised myself a little bit with that one.)  RGIII – score some fantasy points for me <3