Fantasy Dream Pizza Awaits at Nicoletta

Calabrese Pizza at Nicoletta

With so many delicious varieties of pizza in the world, it’s nearly impossible for me to pick a favorite. I am an equal opportunity pizza lover and as long as the ingredients are quality and it’s made with skill and/or care, I will eat and love whatever style of pizza you put in front of me. The first time I tried Nicoletta, I was surprised and delighted to find that I’d never had pizza quite like it.

The pizza at Nicoletta is so awesome in my opinion because it combines a few different styles  that I <3! The menu and toppings are similar to what you’d find in a Neapolitan style pizza place, however the crust is thicker with a tasty hint of garlic oil. It’s not deep dish – it’s more like a Buffalo-style semi-thick crust with the flavor of a deep dish crust. Also, similar to Buffalo pizza, it’s nice and saucy…and the sauce is delicious! (In case you didn’t know Buffalo had its own style of pizza, now you know.)

Both times I’ve visited Nicoletta, I’ve had the Calabrese pizza which is topped with thick-cut pepperoni (you know, those little round ones that get a little burny and fill up with grease), homemade fennel sausage, red onions, pomodoro and mozzarella. It’s RIDICULOUS. And though the pies are smaller (similar to Neopolitan size), they are a lot more filling due to the crust. I tried eating half of one on my own…and succeeded, but then was way too full. So, go with more than one person, or plan to take a couple slices home. But, most importantly, if you love pizza, GO!

Nicoletta is located at 2nd Ave. + E. 10th St. and is open late!