Girl Crush: Rachel Maddow

Ahhhhh, Rachel. Your voice might just be the only punditly voice on tv that doesn’t make me want to throw things at it. You’re super duper smart, you believe in equality, you know how to rock a slim fit suit in a way that would make 2005-era Shane from the L Word extremely jealous, your hairdo + glasses combos are always amazing, and your confidence and sense of humor make for informative and entertaining political commentary. Even when you are talking about things that are very angry-making (recent losses of reproductive and voting rights for many people in many states, for example), you strike the perfect balance between a cheery demeanor and an incredulous I-can’t-believe-we-actually-live-in-a-world-that-tolerates-such-injustice approach. Also, your main pic on your website is the most adorable image of you and your dog surrounded by books. Rachel, you’ve got it going on!

P.S. I am watching the DNC and Clinton is bringing the LULZ. Also he is PWNing the Romneytron and those GOP peeps. Amazing.