Cake’O’Meter Converts Your Recipes So You Can Easily Eat Twice as Much

As a baker I find myself sort of just guessing how much batter I’ll need for my cake pans.  Unfortunately, each recipe rises differently, so it’s sort of a crap shoot.  I know I should be more organized, and I know that these converters exist on the internet, but I am also LAZY and FORGETFUL.  I figure maybe some of you guys are too, so voila!  Check out the Cake’O’Meter from the British website Cake Baker.  Just enter in your recipe, enter the cake pan size it was intended for, then put in the cake pans you plan to use and it converts everything for you!  Easy peasy.

Now, go bake a cake for someone!  Or a tiny one for yourself!  You can check out some of my fave sweets recipes on Pinterest if you’re in need of inspiration.