Essential Mixtape Alert: Korallreven – A Dream Within a Dream

In my classic music-hoarding ways, it took me nearly a year to listen to this mixtape from Swedish (dareisay) chillwave surfers Korallreven (which I think means “coral reefs” in Swedish). But listening to it today, it sounded so fresh, new and delightful that I had to share it with y’all.  “A Dream Within a Dream” was meant as a teaser for their very enjoyable 2011 album “An Album by Korallreven.” The label, Acephale, described it in 2011 as “not a farewell to summer, more of a wistful glance over the shoulder” – and as we approach September, we’re right there for 2012.

Visit Acephale’s site to download the mix in one file, or separate songs. (I recommend listening to it all at once.)

Visit Insound to pick up some Korallreven on vinyl + beyond.