Is There Seriously a Ryan Gosling Coloring Book? Prayers: Answered

Mel Simone Elliott, artist and director of I Love Mel, has a number of awesome things to buy and download on her site.  Beyonce paper dolls, pages to download and color in filled with Olympians and celebrities, and typeface themed temporary tattoos are just a few of her awesome offerings.

All those can take a motherf*cking back seat though, because CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT, Mel created and is selling a coloring book that is filled with drawings of Ryan Gosling!  Most of you probably don’t know this but I have a serious love for coloring and during a lovely beach vacation recently I was often found sitting in the kitchen, coloring in my glorious Lisa Frank book that I got from Amazon using my dope 150 crayon telescoping tower.  Because I’m just that cool.

If you’re not into Ryan Gosling (hahaha yeah right), Mel has other great coloring books with themes like the 90s, famous record sleeves, and more!

Coloring books and paper dolls are around $12, and can be found at I love Mel.