Stay Home Club: Cute, Affordable Bedding…Am I Dreaming? Harhar.

Launched just this month, Stay Home Club is a new site dedicated to bringing artist’s work to home textiles so that we can have cute stuff at home that a) isn’t made by Martha Stewart and b) doesn’t cost one million clams!

As of now the pickings are slim, only a few pillowcases and a set of kitchen towels, but the site promises to expand to include duvet covers, curtains, etc, all made with different featured artists.  Artists they are currently working with include Becca Stadtlander (I love her), Kristina Collantes and Olivia Mew herself.  I look forward to seeing the offerings expand as they bring in new artists and home goods!

Check out Stay Home Club and snag some cute pillowcases, which go for $30 for one or $50 for two.

No Sleep Til Brooklyn, Rik Lee / Floral Mix, Becca Stadtlander