Hidden Gems at Gea’s Garden

Gea’s Garden isn’t actually so hard to find, but the fact that this store sells nothing but plants and totally sweet jewels makes it a pretty special place. I first happened upon the store about five years ago when I was looking for an air plant, and was surprised to find that what looks like a plant store from the outside is actually full of cases of crystals, gems, semiprecious stones, and other lovely pieces of jewelry.

Gea’s carries common houseplants, succulents, cacti, and a fairly wide range of bromeliads including a ton of air plants and other harder to find home garden treasures.  Jewels range from the inexpensive (a crystal necklace for under $20) to amazingly huge and pricey gems and crystals for home decor (or healing!). It’s a pretty sweet place to pick up a gift for yourself or for a friend and spend some time browsing a store that is full of beautiful things that make you feel sooo good. This is one of those little stores that make our city so fun to explore!

You can find Gea’s, or Crystal Garden as it might actually be called (the sign makes it a little hard to tell) at 247 East 10th Street between First Ave and Avenue A.