Breaking Gifs: A Breaking Bad Art Project

Everyone knows that Breaking Bad is the best show on TV, right? Good – I’m glad that’s settled. So, why wouldn’t a bunch of great artists want to commemorate some of the show’s most memorable moments by creating unique, limited silkscreened posters? The Breaking Gifs project commissioned artists to do just that and the prints are in fact SO limited and SO in demand, that they sell out almost immediately after being launched. Luckily for those of us who haven’t yet gotten their hands on one of these works of art, we can still browse the online gallery. And while I don’t think I could deal with Walter White staring at me from my bedroom wall, I could deal with a picturesque scene of Los Pollos Hermanos, as pictured above in Jessica Deahl’s print…or of course one featuring Jesse Pinkman (duh).

Actually, if you’re really interested in scoring one, I’d suggest following Aaron Paul on Twitter – he seems to have the inside scoop on when the new ones will launch.