Sunpocket Sunglasses: As If I Even Need More Sunnies

Clockwise from top left: II Cedar: $75, Samoa Crystal Green: $99, Sport Fire: $75,  Sport Shiny White: $75

Sunpocket is a French brand that I honestly have never heard of before but WTF, these are crazy cute.  They ALL fold, AAAND, they’re all less than $100 smackers!  Anyone looking for sunglasses these days knows that unless you are buying $10 sunnies at your local H&M, finding reasonably priced cool sunglasses can be a sisyphean task.  And yes, I actually talked about shopping for sunglasses as if it was a really awful and hard thing to do.  What else is a baker tied to a day desk job supposed to do if not dream and lust after things she can’t afford and then endlessly search for more reasonably priced counterparts!  Join me, will you?

Snag some cutie pie Sunpockets, and while you’re at it buy the custom leather case because it will make the whole package just that much more adorable.