The Banger Report: Vol. 6, Special K-Pop Edition!

I decided to present a special K-Pop edition of The Banger Report, because it just so happens that my favorite bangers of the moment are all K-Pop! Aside from “Venus” by Hello Venus which I wrote about recently, there are three other little gems that have been on repeat in my iTunes these past few weeks.

Banger #1 is “Alone” by Sistar – a song that sounds a bit more soulful than a lot of K-Pop girl groups’…and definitely shows a different, sultrier look. The unquestionable star of Sistar is Hyolyn (you’ll know when you watch the video) whose nickname in Korea is Hyonce…because she’s like the Korean Beyonce – curvy, gorgeous, sexy and super talented. Listen to “Alone” a few times (and watch the booty-centric choreography in the video) and you will be hooked! And the leather, slitted skirts in the video are amazing! I want one.

#2 is actually a super weird song and video from my faves T-ara. The best I can tell is that it comes from a compilation that I think they curated? Anyway, the song “Bingeul Binguel” (or “Round and Round”) is like I said, super weird, but oddly and instantly addictive. I can’t tell if it sounds like a video game, an ’80s movie soundtrack or what, but it’s wacky and the video is just the adorbs girls of T-ara dancing and having fun. The choreography, as always, is so cute! Discover for yourself:

K-Pop banger #3 is an oldie, but goodie! “I Am the Best” by 2NE1 came out about a year ago, but I still love it…and I’m clearly not alone, sine this video has over 48 million views. Wow! This video is definitely the glitziest video of the bunch…and the wardrobe. FUGGEDABOUDIT. It’s sick. Boom rat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat, BITCH.