TV Carnage, OJ Simpson, Vintage Fitness Gear…Wow

As an only child / latchkey kid, I became a pro at making my own fun. Sad-larious example: I once recorded the entire musical Annie on a tape recorder, the parts of everyone played by yours truly. Luckily, that was a one-time thing. Something I did more on the reg was mixing random TV and random music – changing channels and stations constantly until I found magical moments. Exact examples aren’t coming to me right now, but think Bob Ross painting happy trees to Salt-N-Pepa…Ron Popeill juicing to opera…Mr. Hooper selling Gordon a newspaper to Motley Crue. You know, that kinda thing. So, when I see found footage mixed in an insanely imaginative (and really f-ing weird) way, I get super excited! It’s everything my childhood self dreamed of, but could never quite achieve with my limited resources and tiny child brain.

Like their brethren Everything Is Terrible, TV Carnage uses found footage to its full mind-bending extent – in some cases taking it to another OTHER level by making actual SONGS out of their mixtures. On a recent trip to Nitehawk (Yes, I love Nitehawk), I saw this particular clip – “Reaching for the Light” – and wow. I don’t know if superlatives exist to describe how totally batsh*t nuts this is. Please, just watch as OJ Simpson shows you how to ride business class while the cultiest ever fitness instructors in the world’s wackiest gear execute the world’s weirdest routines and DJ Teen Wolf makes it all into an unsettling techno banger.

For even more, check out TV Carnage’s YouTube channel.