Ok, So it Looks Like I’m Going to be the One to Write About Kawaii Pet MEGU! Hooray!

Ahhhhhh, I’ve only had the Kawaii Pet MEGU app for a week, but I am ADDICTED. MEGU is a virtual pet that you feed, care for, and play with. You can visit your friends and their megus and play with them and leave them treats. That’s it, that’s all it is. So WHY is it so addictive? (p.s. not my megu in the above pic – a girl can dream)

  • Everything in this game is hilariously mistranslated from Japanese which is extremely endearing and entertaining.
  • Your megu desires frequent attention and pretty much can’t stand you at first. Messages include “You are hated,” “You are ignored,” “He draws a sigh,” “He feels a vague anxiety,” and “He is filled with sorow.” This is one sassy pet. He’s also dirty with a dirty home.
  • But! as you care for and feed your megu, he experiences wild mood swings which include messages like “He is flying so high,” “He is wearing best looking smile,” “He is walking on air” and “You are perhaps trusted.” when your megu is left to his own devices, he develops new hobbies like clipping his nails, making cakes, enjoying manga and watching CSI.
  • You can visit your friends, pet their megus, and leave them funny Japanese treats like soda candy, Mexican melon caramels, black coffee, pudding, cupcakes, “Pocarius sports drink for everyone,” and other treats with increasing fanciness and increasingly specific descriptions of the provenance of the ingredients (“Nuts Cheesecake: cream cheese from Australia, nuts from California”). You can also give them furniture like shishi odoshi (Japanese garden device for scaring birds), plants, and plastic buckets. These visits are catalogued in your megu’s very skeptical diary. Typical entry: “Today CakeHero & Pizzazz visited us. CakeHero petted kimcheee 8 times. I got ‘Cheese cookie.’ Wao! Am I targeted?”
  • The more you play, the nicer your apartment is. You go from living in “cardboard box as house in a park” to being able to level up to new apartments like “frabjous apartment” and “eccentric apartment” which you can pimp out with furniture you earn by playing games. Believe me, some megu houses are VERY pimp.

No wonder this is one of the most popular downloads in Japan! Look how happy that megu is! He has a sweet disco pad and a king tut statue and a basketball hoop and a vanity and a roomba and a piano! SO DOPE. Several PAs (and a few of their fellas, but I won’t blow your covers) have been playing this game for a little while now and it’s too hilarious to stop. I could really write like 10 more pages about the hilarity of megu and I’m only at level 29. Join the megu cult and I’ll bring you a plastic bucket and some fresh strawberries! Check it!