Power List: 3 Delicious Rum Cocktails to Try in Williamsburg Now!

Nitehawk Cinema

I have declared this summer my personal Summer of Rum. Rich, refreshing and tasty all at the same time, it’s the ideal antidote for NYC’s heat wave season. The drink that inspired this declaration? Nitehawk Cinema‘s Hullabaloo Daiquiri made with Banks 5 Island Rum, fresh lime and simple syrup. So simple, yet SO DELICIOUS! I had it for the first time with its corresponding movie, the excellent Moonrise Kingdom and again with To Rome with Love, because it’s just that good. I need to get a bottle of this rum – it’s so light and flavorful.

The Richardson

Rum cocktail #2 is the Mai Tai at The Richardson! I had several of these recently with some fellow PAs and found them v. delightful. Their Mai Tai is made with fresh lime juice, house-made orgeat syrup, orange liqueur, Nicaraguan white rum and 12yr old Trinidadian rum. ‘WTF is orgeat syrup?,’ you may ask. It’s actually where the Mai Tai magic happens – a syrup made from almonds, sugar and rose water or orange flower water. Orange flower water is that sh*t, in my opinion. I love it.

The Shanty

The final delicious rum cocktail on my list hails from The Shanty and is called Barrilito’s Way. The ingredients are Ron del Barrilito rum, Galliano, lime, grapefruit, honey, and Bittermens’ Hopped Grapefruit Bitters with hand-cut ice. Galliano may be a mystery to you, as it was to me, so let me explain. It’s an Italian herbal liqueur flavored with vanilla, star anise, Mediterranean anise, ginger, citrus, juniper, musk yarrow and lavender. It also comes in a very pretty bottle! Back to the cocktail: it’s one of those that tastes very complex, yet doesn’t get bogged down by its complexity. It’s just…delicious. And I love a big hand-cut ice cube in my glass.

If anyone has more suggestions for tasty rum cocktails, please do share! I want to try them all!