Butter London Broke My Heart

I LOVE nail stickers.  The Sally Hansen ones really are the best…they are like dried nail polish that mold so nicely to your fingernails they feel like real polish, but with no dry time, and they’re cheap!  I flatter myself that I’m pretty good at applying them, so when PA Nina gave me the above nail sticker set by Butter London, I was crazy excited.  I kept them for months, waiting for the right time to bust them out.

Last weekend I put them on in preparation for a fun party I was going to with my boo Sam and was immediately disappointed.  Application was similar to the Sally Hansen nail polish strips…apply them to clean nails, clip the ends of your nails, smooth, done.  The Butter London ones ask you to apply a coat of clear polish as well.

The stickers (and that’s what they are, just plain old super sticky nail stickers) immediately bunched on the nail and would not lay flat.  Butter London asserts that the nails will last 48 hours…I put them on at around 7 pm on Saturday night, and by brunch the next morning I had peeled them off.  The color also started coming off the tips as soon as I put them on (any white spots you see up top at the ends of my nails are spots where the image chipped away from the sticker).

All around, while the Butter London nail stickers are easily the cutest ones out there, in reality they are…really crappy.  Sad face.  I really wanted to like these!

Save your money and snag some awesome Sally Hansen Salon Effects for cheapsy.  Or check out Butter London’s polishes, which are pretty and far superior to their nail stickers.