Pants Velour: The Band Behind that Mind-Blowing Dial 7 Commercial

For many reasons, I love NY1. Some of them are: the classic Pat Kiernan, the sassy Jamie Shupak, the gloriously nerdy Roger Clark, Annika Pergament’s name, In the Papers and the old rubbernecking delay graphic. I can now add to the list that they were the channel on which I first saw the most glorious commercial of my life…the new Dial 7 commercial. BEHOLD:

A week from now when you can’t get that jingle out of your head, you can thank the band behind the tune, Pants Velour. Dial 7 actually held a jingle contest for this particular commercial, which the NYC band won. I mean for real, if Dial 7 drivers were all actually hot women wearing hoop earrings and sensually belting out g-funk-inspired hooks, I would not travel any other way.

Here you can check out one of their actual non-commercial jams, Trapeze. For me, the definite highlight is vocalist Niki Darling, who really has an incredible voice!