Power DIY: Update Your Old Jewels with Nail Polish

I think of nail polish as something far with far more uses than just painting one’s nails– it’s sort of like duct tape for fixing up small items around the house! Use it to stop a run in your stockings, touch up little nicks on furniture, use it as temporary glue in a pinch, prevent shoe lace ends from fraying any further, etc.). So when I stumbled upon this sort of weird knuckle ring that I bought for a few dollars and have never worn, I decided it would be cuter if the gems were different colors. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the gems have these sparkles in them that I think are cheesy. I used nail polish with a narrow brush (nail art polish works best and comes in many colors including NEON to go with this summer’s bright colors trend).  It took about 10 minutes to paint the gems and I’m pleased with the result! The bright neon pink polish gives this ring a more contemporary look than before. Now that I’m looking at it, I might actually cover the gold with another neon color to really make it work for summer.

Tada! Definitely better than those bland cream and pinkish gems. Now I’m going to look around for more small items that would be prettier if they were neon!

p.s. PA Melissa and I were hypothesizing that a lot of the neon jewelry you see on Etsy and Ebay is just painted with neon paint or nail polish and isn’t actually made of bright plastic or glass gems. Save yourself some dinero and paint that ‘ish yourself!