The Steve Rodgers Conundrum

Welcome to the Dollhouse is one of my all-time favorite movies. It came out during my senior year of high school and I drove 40 minutes each way to see it multiple times at the alt theater where it was showing. I owned the VHS tape, but never upgraded to DVD, so I hadn’t seen it since I got rid of my TV/VCR/DVD player combo several years ago. I was psyched when I saw that it would be playing at my favorite Nitehawk Cinema as part of the Northside Film Festival, and of course went! 1. It’s still as amazing as I remembered it. 2. Who is Steve Rodgers?!

For those that haven’t seen the film, Steve Rodgers plays this studly, popular, guitar-playing high schooler that luckless heroine Dawn Wiener develops a megacrush on. The actor that plays him was SO familiar to me for something that must have come out since the last time I saw WTTDH and it was driving me nuts. After the movie (not during because I’m not an animal), I IMDBed that shit and found out that not only was he in The L Word (worst theme song ever), he also played Daniel Meade in Ugly Betty – a show that I loved. See?

Watch him in action as Steve Rodgers in the trailer for Welcome to the Dollhouse (his first movie, it seems). And if you haven’t seen Welcome to the Dollhouse, I highly recommend doing so!