Get Classic Pieces for Cheap at Pippin Vintage Jewelry

On a stroll through the West Village / Chelsea the other day, I came across this little vintage jewelry store. I know that I’ve walked down this same W. 17th Street block multiple times, but somehow never noticed Pippin Vintage Jewelry – surprising because I LOVE vintage jewelry.

Typically, I don’t enjoy vintage stores…because I love THRIFT stores. The thrill of the hunt definitely appeals to me; I’d rather sift through piles of crap to find one amazing piece than walk into a store where everything is pre-sifted and I end up not only paying an inflated price, but also missing the sifting that I love so dearly. Pippin makes the cut for me though, because the shop is filled with really unique pieces and the prices are super reasonable! I picked up a ring I admired and physically recoiled in shock to see that it was only eight dollars! I was expecting at least 40. Also, the selection is so large, that I still felt like I was getting to do a little sifting of my own.

If you find yourself on the “Trail of Bank Account Tears” between Loehmann’s and J. Crew/Anthropologie/Zara/all those other shops on 5th Ave., make sure to walk down 17th and pop into Pippin! Even if nothing strikes your fancy, you’ll have fun.

Pippin Vintage Jewelry is located at 112 W. 17th St. between 6th an 7th Aves.

PS: I am in actual pain from the restraint of not making any musical theater references in this post.