Hello Venus, Call Me Maybe?

The other day, I was watching Hello Pop on MNET and heard Hello Venus for the first time. What’s MNET, you may ask? It’s where Asian pop lives – channel 560 if you live in NYC and have Time Warner. If you like Kpop (or any kind of pop) – they play a lot of good videos! They also have at least one program about delicious food, Tasty Road, along with some weird anime shows, but I’ll focus on the positive.

ANYWAY, Hello Venus! I was struck by how cute, fun and irresistable their song “Venus” was immediately. Not to mention how totally adorbs these girls are. If you will notice, one has lime green hair…and her Hello Venus name is Lime. That’s the kind of cute we’re talking about here. It’s really almost TOO cute…and the song is almost TOO catchy, but every time I hear it, it stays in my head for days! And I don’t mind. In fact, I love it. VERY similar to the now uber-ubiquitous “Call Me Maybe,” it’s just so over-the-top with its levels of cute and fun, that you can’t help but surrender to it.

Check out the song and video and prepare for cute overload!