Toddy Your Way to Cold Brewed Coffee at Home!

Last week was the first real heat wave of the summer and that means iced coffee season is in FULL swing. I’m sure I’m not alone in switching to iced coffee the minute the temperature rises above the upper 50s because iced coffee is goddamn delightful.

Despite my obsession with Blue Bottle’s New Orleans iced coffee, I am not made of dinero and therefore cannot justify regularly spending $4 per cup. Enter: the Toddy! It’s a simple device for making cold brewed coffee at home. We’ve been buying Stumptown and Blue Bottle beans and my awesome husband Dan has been cold brewing up a storm. It takes a little bit of toying with the water-to-grounds ratios, but once you figure it out, you can fix up a cup that tastes nearly identical to BBNO (without the chicory) and it’s a fraction of the price.

Without the Toddy you can still make cold brew at home using this method, but it’s just easier and less messy with the ol’ Tods (check the Amazon reviews for some helpful tips). The Toddy system is about $35 and you can pick it up at Brooklyn Kitchen, Whisk, or

p.s. Did you know that in other parts of the world–even places where it is really hot, like Sydney–some people don’t drink iced coffee and only drink hot espresso? Why you wouldn’t imbibe the world’s most delicious breakfast beverage on the regular is beyond me. I actually had a conversation with a British expat living in Australia in which I explained the whens, hows, and whys of iced coffee because she had no idea what it was or why you would drink it. This raises a very perplexing question: if not iced coffee, what do Australian celebrities hold in their hands while walking down the street? Seriously, try to imagine a street pic of a celebrity that doesn’t involve iced coffee. It’s hard, right?