Onra’s Serving Up Some ’80s R&B Realness

It’s been building for a while, but the music world seems to be deep in the throes of an ’80s throwback moment. I blame/thank Drive and its accompanying soundtrack for kicking it into high gear (pun intended). Kids these days are so into these old school sounds that when I played an old Atlantic Starr record at work the other day, I got excitedly asked what it was about 10 times. ’80s R&B is one of my personal favorite genres, so I’m really pleased when someone gets it right and this “Deep in the Night” EP from Onra is a prime example of that. It’s quite a departure for the versatile French beat-maker, considering that the first record I heard from him, 2007’s Chinoiseries, consisted of hip hop beats layered heavily with classic Chinese music. I’m hoping for a vinyl release from Fool’s Gold for this one, but for now, you can stream it below and/or buy it on iTunes: