Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2, Full Trailer! AAAAAH

Just posting a quick update to share the full Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer with you guys. This time we get to see the other stupid vampires that Edward drives around collecting so they can bear witness to Renesmee’s growth to the Volturi. More of Bella being The Most Awesome Vampire Who Ever Vampired, and more of the Volturi’s sick capes!

You guys. It’s been a long journey, a journey that will soon be coming to a close. From the books coming out and giving me immeasurable pleasure (SO campy, SO stupid, SO awesome), to the first Twilight movie (dear mother of God, the sparkling THE SPARKLING), to KStew’s constant grimace and RPattz’s self effacing humor, Twilight has been the most hilarious and entertaining thing to enter my life in a long time. Yeah, I said it! I LOVE TWILIGHT. It is known. Let us share these last few months basking in the idiotic glow that is Twi…TOGETHER.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out November 16th. At least I have Magic Mike to distract me in the meantime.