Dope App: Pick

I love Instagram…apply some filters to my just ok pictures and they are instantly prettier!  Dope Japanese iPhone app Pick takes the picture sharing concept to a whole new level though.  Not only are there awesome filters (including ones that add bokeh dots and hearts), but they have over 100 cute frames for that picture of your dog rolling around in the grass and “stamps” (hearts, stars, cartoon characters and brushes) to make your picture that much more adorable.

Recognize this guy?  It’s Mortimer the Mouse (I named him!) from my little jaunt at the Observatory!  Look how much cuter he is in this picture now that he has a eyelet frame, a hat to give him some extra panache and some little stars and flowers to set off the whole look.  Share with your friends as you would on Instagram and you’re done!  It posts your pictures in the same square format as Instagram so you can even do up your pictures in Pick, then post them on Instagram.

Pick is free via the iPhone App store.