Get Used to It: I’m Still Talking about Magic Mike

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I could get all deep and go on about how I truly believe that Twilight has finally made movies that are for the female gaze popular, and that’s why we now have something like Magic Mike.  True, there was Sex and the City, but I saw just as much of Samantha’s boobs and as I did men’s chests.  Twilight was really one of the first movies I’ve seen where the female lead wore a hoodie and sneakers all the time while the men were shirtless eye candy.  I could say that while I feel bad that we are entering a time when young men are having just as many body issues as females because of the increasingly unrealistic body images out there for both genders, I feel it is the only way men can understand the pressure that the male gaze in media puts on women and thus help us all work towards mutual change.  I could say a lot of things about the objectification of women and men and what it means for all of us but what I’m going to really go ahead and say is this: ABS! CHESTS! GYRATIONS! DANCING! CHANNING TATUM’S AWFUL ACTING: WHO CARES! ALCIDE!!!!!!!

That is all.

Magic Mike is in theaters June 29th. Be prepared to hear a lot more about it before then, and in the meantime enjoy the new trailer where Channing et al are dancing their little hearts and bodies out to It’s Raining Men. Ooooof course they are.