OMG, It’s the Les Miz Trailer

I have so many emotions about this Les Miserables movie musical. On one hand, I’m so excited about it! On the other hand, I’m afraid it will be really cheesy and bad and I will be sad. But on an additional hand, it’s a musical, and damn right it will be cheesy, and you’ll LIKE it goddamnit! That additional hand is mean. Anyway, so the trailer was released and it made me excited about the movie, like on hand one. Anne Hathaway isn’t the greatest singer, but she appears to have the necessary passion. As for the others, it’s hard to tell, other than that Young Cosette betta werque – so cute! Also, she barely got a millisecond in the trailer, but a brilliant genius by the name of Samantha Banks is playing Eponine and based on her performance in the 25th anniversary concert, SHE IS CAPABLE. All will be revealed on Jesus’s 2012th birthday.

OK, enough of my half-baked ideas on this very not revealing trailer. Watch for yourself and see if it’s got you feeling emotions deeper than you’ve ever dreamed of / higher than the heavens above. I’ll admit, I cried.

PS: Dear gossip magazines: please chill out on critiquing Anne Hathaway’s current “look.” She’s currently playing a dying prostitute, for the love of god. She’s not worried about her beach bod. Kthx.