Insane Video Alert x 2: Jay-Z & Kanye West and El-P

Holy crap. Two videos were revealed to the world this week – both of which pleasantly disturbed me in very different ways. First up – from El-P’s TOTALLY AMAZING new record Cancer for Cure – is his new video for “The Full Retard.” (It’s a Tropic Thunder reference, people.) It’s delightfully NSFW and even more delightfully TWISTED. So twisted. In the video, El-P and some kind of sociopathic squirrel team up to paint the town many colors – all of which are gross and wrong and yet amazing. Please watch and again, be aware of the totally messed up quotient.

And now for the other side of the video coin. From Jay-Z and Kanye West’s impeccable Watch the Throne, comes the video for opening track “No Church in the Wild.” It’s a beautifully-shot depiction of the struggle between violent rioters and equally violent police. I got taken out of the moment a little during Kanye’s verse – lines about threesomes and hangovers don’t really jibe with the visuals – but the rest of the song (especially Frank Ocean’s chorus) work really well. It’s a gorgeous depiction of extreme ugliness.

You can grab Cancer for Cure and Watch the Throne at Insound. I also recommend checking out El-P with Killer Mike and Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire at Irving Plaza on July 13th!