Stepping Up My Pajama Game

Matching Pajamas

You know how people on tv are always wearing matching pajamas?  The Kardashians* seem to be in their PJs like 70% of the time, as does Zooey Deschanel’s character Jess on New Girl.  One of the roommates on the show even made fun of her “pajama outifts” while they were in an argument.**  But, despite the fact that both of my examples of tv pajama outfit wearers are sort of lame, matching pajamas are so NOT lame and are actually SO AWESOME that I can’t believe it took me so long to realize it.

When you have pajamas that you like, a few things happen:

  • you don’t feel guilty about putting on your grubby sweats and tshirt the minute you get home from work because you are putting on an awesome pajama outfit instead
  • you get to wear head-to-toe leopard print for many hours a day and it seems sort of reasonable
  • when the thai food delivery guy comes, you don’t feel embarrassed to open the door because you don’t look like a scandalous hobo (which is what I imagine my previous pajama style looked like)
  • also, Would Fabulous Retiree Wear? um, YES.

Even though there are so many things about Victoria’s Secret that piss me off, I really like their afterhours satin pajamas because they’re comfy and they have cute prints.  Also, Miranda Kerr is adorbs even though VS makes her pose in this dumb way.

*my not so secret (but still shameful) fave

**the roommates are the best part of the show by far, and are what keeps me from throwing a rock at my tv every time Zooey makes a wide-eyed “I’m so surprised that my annoying actions are being perceived as annoying” face, or a “cupcakes and hugs will solve everything” face.  blech! Thank gawd for Schmidt.